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Camp Gay Men
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How do you feel about camp gay men?

The reason I ask is there is an interesting article in pink news about how a lot of gay men hate those who are camp and singles out certain comedians such as John Inman and Larry Grayson (two hilarious men who made millions laugh by being over the top gay characters on television)

I wondered what everyone's thoughts on the subject are; do camp men embarrass you? do not like camp men? do you consider it just part of life within a gay scene in your city? do you prefer camp men to straight acting?

Thought For Today...
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funny quotes
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Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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this is for my friend chris, I really care about you, you are loved and thought about a lot on here, I send you my heart to look after you, love scott

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smile :)
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Saint Sebastian
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When did you last unload?
Views: 236 · Added: 2 hrs ago

By yourself or with someone else?

Sexual Fantasies
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I'm curious about what you guys like to think about when you're fantasizing about sex (we all do it from time to time so don't bother denying it).

What's your favorite setting?

What's your favorite position?

Do you wear a condom in your fantasies, or are they always bareback?

Is there any one person that you fantasize about more than anyone else?

Have any of your fantasies come true?

[I don't have any really wild settings that I like to think about myself. Most of the time I'm just fantasizing about being on the floor or on the couch (I rarely think about having sex on my bed for some reason). When I was younger, I would fantasize about being pounded in the park, at night, on the top of the slide by a schoolmate or two.]

[I'm a versatile person so I'll fantasize about topping and bottoming (mostly topping). Sometimes I like to think about making love to someone. You know...doing it slow and gentle with lots of kissing and touching. Really loving the person I'm with and wanting to make the encounter last for as long as possible. Then there are other times when I like to fantasize about it being rough. Just flipping the other person over and going to pound town on his ass. That's always fun and enjoyable (sometimes ya just gotta let it all out).]

[To this day, I have never worn a condom in my fantasies (or "pud collars" as I like to call them). My fantasies are always bareback. Sex should feel like sex and it's kind of hard to achieve that when your sausage is wrapped up in a casing.]

[I think about sex so often that I can't really narrow my fantasies down to just one favorite person. I NEVER think about celebrities though. They just feel too phony and artificial to me. I like thinking about REAL boys. The cute guy I saw at work today; all the cute guys I went to High School with; the cute guy I saw on a Tumblr site (I rarely think about any of them, though. I prefer to fantasize about boys that I know or have met here in the real world).]

[As for the last question, the answer would be a big, fat "NO". I don't actually anticipate any of my fantasies coming true. I'll be lucky if I get laid just once before I die.]

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smile and the world smiles with you,

Where have they gone?
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Where have all the fun members gone too.

About people
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Is my belief that what is of interest to oneself is of interest to others as well, and we are often shocked to discover a passion for a particular cause is not shared by other people; in fact, most people may be totally indifferent to an issue that I care and may be ready to die for. The issues that are of greatest concern to most people, of course, are those directly related to themselves: concerns about one's body, one's clothing, one's personality. Most of the people are likely to realize, however, that their interest in themselves is probably not shared by others; I often feel, on the other hand, that other people are as interested in them as they are in themselves.

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love thy neighbour, I know real life is not perfect, but I can give my love and loads of affection to all my friends on here, like Thomas, Joel, Chris, Mike,Billy, Jerrod, to name just a few, and Sam, and all the rest of you I love close to my heart

Love you all...
Views: 30 · Added: 5 hrs ago

For me GBT is a part of my "family", i see GBT as a family... all the guys... Somethimes things happen... but as i realized we must not quit and leave... as i did :( we must stay and fight... meaby bad things have been said and lots of members have been fighting for the last weeks... but i must say that things are now back to normal. Also i have to say that im sending my love to those people that have left, i love them too... and im waithing for them to get back.
Love to everyone one again.... im very happy guys...!!! i WONT LET YOU DOWN again... :P :P :P ^__^ kISSES, Ross

Where are the small cocks?
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I can't be only one here who's into small cocks.

5 to 5.5 inches and thin is my ideal, but where are pics of these cocks to be found?

It's confusing, bc the stats say that 15% are between 5.0 and 5.5 inches hard, 35% 5.5 to 6.0 inches, (so 50% 5 to 6 inches) 24% 6.0 to 6.5, with 15% 6.5 to 7.00 inches and fewer than 5% greater than 7.

I'm sorry about what I posted yesterday
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I know there is probably no point in me saying sorry for posting what i posted yesterday, because even though now i don't feel like killing myself, i probably will again tomorrow and post the same thing again just so just maybe if i do follow through then maybe some people will remember me as being gay...I swear im not some kind of big freak, im a normal, healthy, fit guy but i just battle really dick deamons inside just like everyone else. I'm sorry if i worried anyone, i won't post anything like that again i promise. but like if i didnt follow through yesterday then i dont think i ever would, im a big pussy! i was reallll close yesterday, like one foot over the cliff, but then said fuck that! so maybe if i didnt do it then, then hopefully i never will. i think i have a problem. im sorry u guys, im ashamed. i swear im not some freaky loner and a weirdo, im just like everyone else....but unfortunately, like so many others i got dealt a shit hand! i don't want u guys to think iv brought a boring tone to this place, and make u guys not want to come on here...that was never my plan. i dunno. maybe i just feel comfortable about being who i am here....even tho its an imaginary world...but still....i can say what i want and not worry about the consequences...sure if i killed myself in the morning, would anyone know im gone? no. would anyone here miss me? definetely not.....i'm just another fly on the wall....but i wll tell u guys one thing.....Thanks for the love, and if i could i would personally return it one day. thank you :) x

Notoriety/Bad Publicity
Views: 145 · Added: 7 hrs ago

Here's another one for you guys.

When I was single I pretty did what most of you do, shared pics and some vids with guys whom you could trust and enjoyed what you did and looked like and all; not so much now of course. With them I was never worried that I'd up on Tumblr or Reddit or even here, cuz we're friends first and foremost and we respect each other.

Thing is, I'd never upload myself, faceless or whatever, to a site like this one because you know it'll just get shared to the ends of the earth and beyond.

So, my question is - to those who upload themselves and to those who don't - why do you do it? How do you deal with it? And so on. And I am aware some guys have had issues with this from reading past blogs, so I know shit happens and all.

Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

Wednesday Little Chuckle
Views: 27 · Added: 11 hrs ago

Billy I love you with all my heart

Goodbye Horses
Views: 76 · Added: 13 hrs ago

Und schon wieder geil!!!
Views: 168 · Added: 14 hrs ago

Oh Mann.... Wie soll man(n) sich da konzentrieren k

DId it get removed? it keeps sending me somewhere else

commenting your wall
Views: 50 · Added: 1 day ago

i just figured out the iother day that when someone comments on your wall, and you reply back, they do not see the reply...or it does not post on thier wall. they woul dhave to remember to come back and visit your wall to see the reply. make any sense?

How do you get ready for the main event?
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Before sex (planned sex) I usually beat off in the shower to release the tension in order to avoid any premature action due to the anticipation and the buld up. Alternatively, I engage in a quick oral sex session with my partner before the true action begins. How do you get ready for sex (anticipated sex)? Do you cum preentively, do foreplay, or dive right in?

When I go to the Comment section, I am immediately transferred to .. I tried writing a Comment using Word, and then copy-and-pasting it, but the transfer to that webpage was too quick.


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