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what happen
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who fucked up gbt they fucked up big time dumb ass

something is messed up with the website
Views: 23 · Added: 2 hrs ago

yea i tried to post on the other blog about it however it stated it was outdated even thou i tried to update and it still stats that mine is out of date so i guess i will have to run my computer thru some tests to make sure i didn't get a virous thru this website

Suspicious update direction
Views: 145 · Added: 2 hrs ago

Does anyone know anything about a warning coming up on pics that say that an update of Adobe is necessary to view pics? I haven't opened it as it looks very suspicious and nothing like the Adobe icons that I already have.

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Views: 51 · Added: 3 hrs ago

Strange I got it 2 just now.....Didnt trust the update

Flash Player
Views: 36 · Added: 3 hrs ago

Apparently the site has been hacked.

Views: 8 · Added: 4 hrs ago

When you enter the photo section it says your flash player is outdated and you can isnatll a new version. DONT do that! FRAUD ALERT

My First BJ
Views: 112 · Added: 7 hrs ago

This is me in 1978 off the Phillipine Coast. Age 19.

One of the reasons I joined the Navy was that I thought it would make me straight. (Massive fail there.) So when my ship arrived at the Naval Station on Subic Bay in the Phillipines, I was really looking forward to having sex with women and putting an end to the sexual

test blog...
Views: 1150 · Added: 8 hrs ago

thought I'd try doing a blog from time to time just cuz I like throwing out my thoughts. Most will probably be kinda dirty since I'm usually on this site to play with myself.

I saw a self fucking video today, it was super hot and I had to slip myself out of the leg hole of my briefs and finish. I wait until my dormie leaves for class and then watch GBT or Xtube vids. I like guy, bi and straight vids and these two sites usually have whatever I am in the mood for.

We both hang out in our undies in the room a lot unless we have visitors, but we don't do anything. I don't know if he knows I'm bi cuz I tend not to talk about status, but he has seen me with a girl and has probably noticed my spank tissues and undies that I sometimes forget to pick up. He isn't seeing anyone right now, he claims to be straight, but I bet he would be into messing around. I don't want to mess things up with us, so I don't make a move. He's mostly a boxer brief guy, but when he runs low on clean laundry, he has to wear his old white FTL's. They are pretty old and one pair has a small hole right on his sack. I stick to mostly briefs, and some favorite old trunks I like that make my bulge look big. He looks good, my guess is smallish cock, but big balls, he just hangs like that. more on my dormie another time, he's a good guy, smart and we are the same major, so it's all good. He wears a lot of thin sports shorts so I can always see what kind of undies he's got on.

Looks like me with my first taste!
Views: 179 · Added: 8 hrs ago

Love the look!

Wow I love this!

Giving up on uploading.
Views: 98 · Added: 8 hrs ago

Ok, i literly uploaded my pictures 7 or 8 times, and still not uploaded. I guess, ill just not even try then. Maybe its because im chubby, i dont know.

Good Movies on GBT
Views: 1693 · Added: 11 hrs ago

Beyond great porn, there are very good movies on GBT. Let's

my deer friends
Views: 12 · Added: 14 hrs ago

Killer eyes
Views: 5 · Added: 14 hrs ago

Maximum hotness
Views: 20 · Added: 14 hrs ago

new year..
Views: 53 · Added: 14 hrs ago

ok, i decided im goin to make some changes come the new year. gradualy unfriending some guys on my facebook i have no business being friends am goin to delete my instagram since i never post a pic on, i just feel like a creep when i follow those that do..haha
may or may not change much on here..idk yet... i also plan on replacing my old car (300k miles) since i drive an hour to and from work every day with NO back-up car around. DUH!
i do not plan on changing my personal status in any way shape or form. i am single, do not date or cam and no plans to start that crazy life again.
any1 have any thoughts on the new year? it's right around the corner you know..
oh... merry christmas or, what ever you celebrate..or, not.. have a gr8 holiday time!

Pretty boy on Facebook
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Views: 256 · Added: 15 hrs ago

sorry if this offends anyone, but do you have a fav christmas carol or christmas hymn

merry christmas
Views: 10 · Added: 15 hrs ago

to everyone on gbt merry xmas and a happy new year

Views: 18 · Added: 23 hrs ago

happy holiday to

Who do you miss the most in your life?
Views: 589 · Added: 1 day ago

To me it would be my father.

Describe a penis in one or few words! :P
Views: 201 · Added: 1 day ago

Heres one: Mesmerizing!

Maximum hotness
Views: 48 · Added: 1 day ago


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