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Douches Froides
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Lecciones Privadas
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Uploading new pics
Views: 71 · Added: 228 days ago

I'm triying to upload some new pics, I can upload them, but they never apear on the site.

Can somebody help mejQuery18205431449830880242_1392455747225

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sex-education for boys
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happy valentines
Views: 86 · Added: 229 days ago

like to wish all my close friends on here a very loving Valentines day, love and kisses, from your fun loving scott

This is a country music break up song...about two men...refreshing to see how the world is changing....

Any one having problems with Secure download?
Views: 214 · Added: 229 days ago

Anyone having problems with faulty messages when trying to download?

WOW... Guy turned into Girl
Views: 322 · Added: 229 days ago

Young Boys friends give him a makeover... into a Girl...

Download not working
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Hi, does anybody know how to contact the Webmaster at GBT, as nothing will download at the moment - I right click and "save as target" , but keep getting a message that target could not be downloaded. My login works perfectly.

Not again
Views: 267 · Added: 230 days ago

Looks like the "secure server" downlink is busted.....

I hope its fixed soom...

Thanks guys,Bill

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how meany times a day to you jack off in school

I wanna get chastity.
Views: 270 · Added: 230 days ago

currently I'm in 5 sets of tight boxers, and a onesie done up backwards, but I wanna buy an actual chastity cage, and also a very large dildo, without my mum noticing. Any suggestions?

Search bar dead?
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Anyone having this problem? Also search function doesn't work on mobile :((

Ahhh, Sweet relief!
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It was a week ago today that I had my surgery, a hernia repair. Well, my houseguests left this morning. I decided it was time for me to rub one out. I was a little worried, the 5" long incision is only inches from my penis. I had not asked the doctor about when "sexual activity" would be safe. I took it easy on myself and am happy to report that I had a nice cum without popping a stitch! A word of advice to anybody that faces surgery in the future: ask your doctor about when it will be safe to 'get off' afterward. I wish that I had thought to ask, it would have saved me some worrying. Knowing ahead of time can save you the worry and let you get back into action as soon as it is safe.

Do you all have a preference with cumming on a towel or toilet paper when masturbating?

Winter Olympics
Views: 125 · Added: 231 days ago

One of my favorite athlete there is Kevin Reynolds. Who are yours?

Well..I'm confused!!
Views: 183 · Added: 232 days ago

I post 15 naturist pics at a time and when they are uploaded to the GBT sight a number are missing. Presumably the moderator has deemed them too young. Fair enough. I cruise around the other members pics I see the EXACT same pic on numerous member's site. What's going on?!! I'm just trying to add to the site so more can enjoy it.

anyone wanna arouse daddy?
Views: 205 · Added: 232 days ago

i get so aroused thinking about being with a hot young teen... love those twink boy bitches with the smooth young bodies... anyone share my interest

Help, can't download a new profile pic.
Views: 107 · Added: 233 days ago

I tried to download a new profile pic and I keep getting a question mark.

Photo album problem
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I have been trying to upload a new photo album now for 3 days. Every time I upload a photo it say's "upload failed". Anyone have the same issue?

Gay pride parade
Views: 164 · Added: 233 days ago

Have you ever been to one , what was it like for you :)?

My Big Secret
Views: 117 · Added: 233 days ago

For those of you that like to read stories on, I just got part 2 of my story "My Big secret" posted there in the Adult Youth section. I know that some of you have read part 1 that was posted back on Dec.29. Just wanted you to know that I finally got part 2 done. It is shorter than the first part but I hope you enjoy it. Am hoping to get feedback from anybody that cares to comment. But please don't be cruel, I'm not a professional author. Here is the link, if you haven't read the first part already then part 2 won't make much sense. Like most things in life, you should start at the beginning.

Still About...
Views: 84 · Added: 234 days ago

Hiya guys,

I'm still about...

I LOVE mohawks! What do you all think?!
Views: 175 · Added: 234 days ago

I LOVE mohawks!

Random thoughts...
Views: 104 · Added: 234 days ago

First off, I would like to report that my life is going very well, certainly better than a couple weeks ago.

Secondly, does anyone know any good gay magazines? I've always been interested in the printed media even though I can find lots of things on the internet.


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