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big cocks
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just got fucked by my first huge cock felt so incredibly good WOW

background and music
Views: 285 · Added: 273 days ago

Dear Friends,

I can not find the buttons/place to add some music and a background to my site here at GBT. Can anyone help me out on that?

Views: 87 · Added: 274 days ago

just saying hi from the UK
hope all is good

feel cold
Views: 59 · Added: 274 days ago

good days...all i feel...any gay help me

Views: 125 · Added: 274 days ago

I just don't understand why many gay guys turn me off for no reason at all. Why? All I've tried was to get them know, that's all. What did I do? Why can't they let me get them know. I might like them, who know? Think first before turning me off.

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who is into fantasy dragons and little old pussycats...

For those of us who are Tom Daley fans...
Views: 64 · Added: 274 days ago

For those of us who are Tom Daley fans....

(help me)
Views: 457 · Added: 275 days ago

(help me) there is this lad in work that i like and i can not stop looking at him and being gay but not out yet it hard to chat to him.i do not want to come out myself but i want to know if he gay or not

Girl? No, no, no.
Views: 86 · Added: 275 days ago

Guys always think I'm a girl. That is very annoying.

Views: 120 · Added: 275 days ago

new york
Views: 60 · Added: 276 days ago

hey guys its clint anyone in new york wanna be friends inbox me...

GBT mobile site
Views: 65 · Added: 276 days ago

I hope this is only a temporary thing while the changes are being implemented. It expects me to log in each and every time i enter, and there is no way to check blogs pretty much whatsoever. Seeing my wall is too hard as well. Would just as soon delete the mobile site and chum up the regular gbt site off my phone.

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xxx hard
Views: 63 · Added: 276 days ago

Ma prof de math est une vraie coquine, elle me chauffe à tous les cours alors j'ai décidé de lui montrer ma queue et de la prendre par le trou du cul apres le cours [url=][color=black][/color][/url] ce qu'elle ne sais pas c'est que mon pote nous filme en video porno gratuites...

site changes.. please?
Views: 79 · Added: 276 days ago

i think the updates from subsribers should have a link to the new content right in the "subject" area

and we should get something that's like a instant messenger sines i have the problem of deleting subscription messages along with messages from other people by mistake.

any other suggestions??

An Erotic Story I Wrote for the Ex
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So, I wrote this erotic story for my now ex-boyfriend. The asshole wouldn't even read it, let alone act it out. It's not very good but I'm bored and I hate to see it languishing and unread. I'm not much of a writer, I'm much better at actually doing things. I like the second person, present tense. Makes it personal and urgent. It can be anyone you want, provided it's gay sex lol. Anyhow, comment if you wish. I can take criticism.

Your kiss is gentle at first, closed-mouth and prim. You resist slightly when I try to part your lips with my tongue and we continue to kiss gently. Your hand finds my leg and slowly moves up toward my inner thigh, your kissing growing more passionate now. Now, it’s your tongue parting my lips and finding its way into my mouth; I run my hands through your soft hair, the scent of hairspray and perfume. Your hand lightly brushes my growing excitement and I gasp slightly, you chuckle between kisses and moan softly. I run my hands up and down your chest, feeling your heartbeat growing more rapid by the second. I now move my hands up and down your back, sliding under your shirt and feeling your bare skin, warm and beginning to goose bump. We are kissing like mad now and I know at this moment: I want nothing else other than you. I slowly lay you down on the bed, parting your legs with my knee. You stop kissing me and move to my neck, playfully biting it and teasing me with your tongue. I moan in pleasure and press myself up against you, I can feel your own excitement against my stomach. My jeans feel too tight but I don’t want to take them off yet, I want this moment to last forever. “Take off your shirt” I growl. Your hands, which were exploring my back and ass, go straight out and I peel your shirt off. Your body is so hot that I can barely resist the urge to take you right then. I kiss your Adam’s apple, my hands running over your chest and I lightly squeeze your nipples as they harden between my fingers. I run my tongue down your chest, stopping to taste your nipples with my tongue, a small sound of ecstasy as I suck on them. I start rubbing my lower body against yours. I can feel you are hard and ready now, your tight pants bulging with your glorious, thick cock. I know it must be torture to keep you waiting all bundled up like that. I love how you taste; I can’t get enough, as I run my tongue up and down your chest and side. I unsnap your jeans and slowly slide down your zipper with my teeth and you thrust your bulge into my face. I move back up, my tongue leading the way, and begin sucking your neck. I run my hand over your cock, still in your underwear; it jumps slightly at my touch and I can feel the wetness of your precum, which drives me wild. I can’t wait to taste it. I nip your earlobe and we go back to kissing. You tease my lips with your tongue and then pull me close, your tongue going into my mouth. I moan and press even tighter against you. “Oh my god”, I think, ” I can’t stand this any longer,” I kiss you once more and run my tongue down your body. I swirl it around your belly button as your hands run through my hair and down my back. I slip my hand into your tight underwear and tease your cock again, my fingers come back slick with precum. I lick it off greedily. “Take ‘em off” you command and I tear your pants off and toss them across the room, a slight wind when they hit the ground causing the candles to flicker. Your face and body look irresistible in the candlelight. Your bikini briefs can’t contain your throbbing cock so I take them off too. Your cock twitches and jumps again and I can see your whole body before me. The urge to have you inside me almost uncontrollable. I bring my hands from your chest and lightly brush my fingers against your cock; you moan and begin to dig your head into the pillow. I can barely make out you whispering “yes, yes, yes” over and over again. I move down the bed and kiss your ankle, running my tongue up your leg to your inner thigh this time, and then I, with the lightest touch, run my tongue over your balls. “Oh my God!” you cry out unexpectedly and this is pushing me closer to just shoving you inside me. I want to feel like your dirty bitch right now, your sex toy. But I can’t, this isn’t like this. This is for love. I suck on your balls and kiss them, running my tongue down them and under them, going as far toward your asshole as I can. I slide my tongue up your shaft, your hands pulling my hair. I take off my belt and unbutton my pants and go back to swirling my tongue over the tip of your cock, hard and wonderful. I put your legs into the air and starting at the head of your cock, slide my tongue down. I go over your balls and down to your waiting asshole. I run my tongue over it, blow on it, and thrust my tongue inside. I lick and flick wildly ( but all I can think about is you inside me) and you are pushing your ass against my tongue. I run my tongue back up your balls and shaft. I work the head like a Popsicle now, and your precum tastes just as good as I imagined. I deep throat you, taking you all the way in my mouth, my hands lightly cupping your balls. Your hands are now running all over me as you thrust your cock deeper in my mouth. I stop and look at you. I know I can’t take it anymore. I grab the lube from my dresser drawer and open it with my teeth. I let it drip directly on your cock and you cry out again. I get you covered and slick. I stand to take off my pants and boxers. Naked now, you grab me by my cock and draw me to you. You sit up slightly and begin sucking me off. I lovingly stroke your hair and play with your nipples. You continue this for a few minutes and I’m close to finishing. “I’m gonna come baby,” I manage. You deep throat me and begin to fondle my balls. “I’m coming” I try to say but can’t. I can see the orgasm like a bomb with a four second timer. Tick, tick, tick, tick. Detonation. I come explosively in your mouth, my cock at the back of your throat. I look into your eyes and cry out, barley aware that I am moving back and forth, fucking your mouth. You swallow and I slide out of you, your lips causing unbearable ecstasy to shoot through my entire body. I climb back on top of you. “Fuck me. Now.” I say between breaths. You throw me off and guide me to all fours. “Let me get a condom,” you say but I can tell in your tone you don’t want to wear one. I want you in me bareback, as far as it’ll go. Thrust deep and hard. “Ride me bareback,” I say looking at you over my shoulder. Not for the first time, I am struck by your incredible beauty. I nudge my ass against your cock. You growl and slide slowly inside me. I am comfortable quickly and in less than ten seconds, I feel you go all the way in me. I scream in pure, unadulterated pleasure. “OH GOD FUCK ME!!” I yell at you and you begin to move faster. Your hands on my hips as you quicken, pounding me like a madman. Your cock feels incredible as you go to full depth again, again, again, and again. We switch positions, you on top of me so I can see your face. Your sweat drips down from your forehead onto my chest and it’s getting me hard again. I feel you inside me and it’s like a junkie getting a fix. You move faster, our rhythms coming together, I dig my nails into your back. My only wish is that you could go deeper. “Harder, harder, harder,” I say to you and your pace quickens. I want you so fucking bad, I can’t take it. I begin to jerk myself off as you are frantically thrusting inside me. I kiss you roughly and you put your head down and go even HARDER! Oh my God, this is incredible. I wrap my legs around your ass and push you against me. I love when you fuck me like this. “I’m…coming…baby” you struggle to say as you fuck me like crazy. You put your hands flat on the bed, on either side of my shoulders, and go faster. Your head thrown back you howl as your come explodes inside me. This and your hot cock in my ass makes me come again, shooting myself in the face. I can still feel you pumping inside me and I still try to push you deeper inside me. You collapse on top of me and I hug you tight to me. I kiss your neck and ear. I don’t want to let you go, I want you stay inside me as long as possible. We’re panting as you lay on top of me and I still want you. When you do slide out of me, I feel so empty and lost. I can’t wait until next time. I want your cock in me in as many ways possible. I watch your hot ass as you walk away to the bathroom. “I love you,” I whisper. You turn, pause, and say “I love you too.” I smile and hug the pillow tight against me. And I know that I have defined perfection.

Toby's Birthday
Views: 289 · Added: 276 days ago

Hi Guys, next Monday, July 15 is the Birthday of our dear friend Toby (toby19) 22 yo.
You can send your wishes here...Thanks guys...SAM xxx

Views: 115 · Added: 277 days ago

I might be heading to montreal next week so if anybody is from around there and wants to maybe meet up at a club
Or something id be real excited. P.s. 3 of my friends are going too seeing we just turned 18 so we are legal in quebec.

Views: 77 · Added: 277 days ago

God, why are so many hot guys on videos and photos?! Wow! lol

Views: 58 · Added: 277 days ago

any guys want to role play dad and son get back to me

The fight for the "real me" again
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2 years ago I weighed 260 pounds. I finally decided that I had to do something to make sure that I lived a long and healthy life. In 6 months I went down to 185 pounds. For the first time in my entire life, I actually felt normal. It was wonderful. I looked like the person I always imagined myself to be. It wasn't easy. I drank only water and ate lean cuisines for every single meal. I was motivated and felt accomplished. My family eventually told me to stop because they were afraid that I was losing too much weight too fast. I slowed down and maintained it for a bit and eventually I stopped working out all together. One year later I am now back to 225 pounds. It is embarrassing to lose so much weight and gain it all back so quickly. I lost my motivation and stopped caring about calories and eating the right things. Today I promised myself to begin the first day to the new me. I know this journey is going to be extremely hard for me to go through again but I cannot quit on myself again. Wish me luck =)

Just wondering........
Views: 235 · Added: 277 days ago

How old was the oldest guy u ever sucked off?? How old were u when it happened?? Was it mutual?

Views: 60 · Added: 278 days ago


If you're interested, please add gbt2cam2 on skype. I need more friends. thank so much!

Westchester NY
Views: 65 · Added: 278 days ago

Anyone from Westchester NY?

Should I Tell him how I Feel?
Views: 72 · Added: 278 days ago

My good friend Carlisle is moving from our home state to Arizona for school. The thing is, I'm in love with him. I've liked him since the first day I met him. He's tall, skinny, blonde and gorgeous. I would do anything to kiss hum just once. I bet it's like that first cold daiquiri on a hot day. Takes your breath away and spreads warmth throughout your body, leaving you wanting more, more, more. I bet he moves like an ocean in a storm. Anyhow, he's taken. He has a wonderful boyfriend already and I harbor no dreams that he'll leave his boyfriend for me. I wouldn't want that to happen as his boyfriend is also moving to Arizona, but a different city. They're going to maintain a long-short distance sort of thing I guess. Should I tell Carlisle how I feel about him? I'm sure he knows I like him but it's never come up between us. I feel that I would kick myself if I didn't tell him but I don't want it to ruin our friendship. It's a common problem for many people and the plot of many, many not so good movies. I doubt it'd turn out with us kissing at the airport but I'm sure ASU has a law school and when I finish my bachelor's and move onto law school.

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Has any one here ever made a gay video for uploading. I'm curious as to what is like to perform in front of the camera. Does the cameraman put you off?

Views: 136 · Added: 279 days ago


I haven't seen some "fucking hard" videos for a long time, so if you have some awesome videos I want, please send me. I would be appreciate! I need some cheer-ups time. Thanks you.

Le 14 Juillet
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Bonne Fête Nationale à tous les Français. :) Je lève mon verre tous mes amis...

Happy National's Day to all French :) ..Cheers ...

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feel the music
Views: 197 · Added: 279 days ago

I know some of you guys will think I am off my rocker[good pun], but I didnt think I would like it, but heres goes; what is your favorite Rod Stewart track...answers on a postcard,lol

new bands
Views: 69 · Added: 279 days ago

Guys any new bands you know of that are breaking through, like Palma Violets, Coldline and others, you would like to add....

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After my birth I was adopted, my parents were still children themselves and far too young. I had my mother and father never met before, till now ten days ago in Surinam.

They are very nice to me, we sleep in the same bed. I feel very attracted to them, especially because I'm a lookalike of my dad.
Would it be weird if I consent to a physical relationship?

I'm new here!∩_∩
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Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days,
Something so unbending and yet so precious, to
the point that I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone but you.
I see your hidden thoughts, hear you feelings that scream
out for me to listen to them. When my eyes close I dream
that the dream I’m living right now with you will
always be real, and that you’d love me still.
I never want you to doubt me, but even more I don’t want you to doubt
yourself. Without loving yourself, there is no route
towards loving anyone else. Time teaches us all of this,
to pay attention to the general and to the little things we miss.
I’d miss you, if ever you were to go away and leave
me, but deep down in my heart I’d always believe
that you’d have your reasons, and our parting
will not be infinite, but the beginning of something anew starting.
Time makes me ache for your touch, your connection I cherish
within all of me, and without it I’d surely perish
without any handicap. The way you’re able to seduce
my passion, able to sweet talk the recluse
inside of me that is the pleasure you create
whenever our hearts, minds, and bodies become one to relate
to one another for endless moments of bliss.
And to think all our time together was sparked,
by a kiss.

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Unable to move, unable to speak,
unable to smell, unable to touch,
unable to hear, unable to do anything but see, and feel, I am trapped.
Enclosed within a glass pane that leaves me as exposed to you as much as you want me to be,
just as you are as exposed as much that you feel secure doing.
I see you, I feel you, just as you do me.
You walk around my enclosure, knowing that if we were to act out of haste just for me to be free,
you would die.
You've tried before, tried freeing me, yet I'm never willing to part from my ways,
I love you to much to change the situation.
I see all of you, your happiness and your pains, your secrets and your fears, so on and so forth.
You know me as well, at least partially from what I'm able to show you and from what you can feel.
Your issues run deep, your scars heal slowly, barely able to at all.
The only cure is for me to be with you, for us to be able to be together and be seen together,
and yet it seems as if it's just an impossible dream. Many times I watch you suffer, tortured and raped by the constant brutality of life.
I can't move to your rescue and force all the pain away,
not able to smell the raw stench of ugly mixed with your beauty,
not able to hold you until you can stand again,
not able to hear your innocence as it is ripped away,
and the cruelty of the world as it laughs.
Not able to do anything but watch and feel,
and it is the greatest gift the devil was able grant.
Your face, beautiful, now twisted in horror as tears sprint down your canvas,
tears that I've produced for you again and again.
Your screams, your desperate cries for help for love and care,
ignored by those who are suppose to be closest to you.
It's a daily fight, the internal and external struggles you go through and you take it all.
I curse fate for leaving me in this predicament, damming all of my luck in the process.
You ask me to let you go and I can't, the selfish coward in me doesn't want to lose you with every fiber
of my being, and yet I cant be there for you, thus I've already lost you, and I am already alone.
You're still here,
and yet I've killed you
the eyes that used to shine now dull and unresponsive
as I am forever trapped in my place,
you in yours.


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