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I can't view videos
Views: 112 · Added: 268 days ago

Am I the only one that can't view videos? I haven't been able to for a couple months now. I was told that the problem must be on my end. I've tried everything to fix the problem and have gone as far as getting a new PC. I can watch videos at other web sites. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me? I miss my GBT videos.

The Max
Views: 76 · Added: 269 days ago

Hey there's a great new story on Nifty, a love story about a boy and a teen. It's under Young Friends and called Jimmy Max...

Balt guys
Views: 87 · Added: 269 days ago

Any guys from Balt, MD, or DC wanna chat hit me up

Views: 128 · Added: 270 days ago

everyone here has a great life span most are well over 100 lol Im 50 and loving it

I can't view videos
Views: 67 · Added: 270 days ago

Am I the only one that can't view videos? I haven't been able to for a couple months now. I was told that the problem must be on my end. I've tried everything to fix the problem and have gone as far as getting a new PC. I can watch videos at other web sites. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me? I miss my GBT videos.

Going Back
Views: 82 · Added: 270 days ago

Well this summer has been a real roller lie! Of course, I was working... but at the same time,I had the time of my life with my family. Then some things went down and started making things bad for my summer. One situation ended up being my bf breaking up with me and me not getting any at all while I was in Cali. So now...I am single...alone...and But I am excited that I had fun with my family and that school is about to kick off real soon! :)))))

Does it injure your asshole?
Views: 772 · Added: 271 days ago

When you have anal sex does it bruise your bottom or hurt it any way? How about permanent damage? I've read you might have to wear diapers because of it? Sorry I really don't know.

favorite quote of the day
Views: 1773 · Added: 271 days ago

There are many things I don’t know, but quite a few I do. I know you can’t be lost if you know where you are. I know that life is full of precious and fragile things, and not all of them are pretty. I know that the sun follows the moon and makes days, one after another. Time passes. The world turns, and we turn with it, and though we can never go back to the beginning, sometimes, we can start again.” ― Megan Hart

Views: 66 · Added: 271 days ago

ICQ: 455685004

Views: 647 · Added: 272 days ago


I am very horny, you???
Views: 297 · Added: 272 days ago

Sugar video stuff4chicks 3 videos
Views: 293 · Added: 272 days ago

A year ago or so there was a really hot video titled sugar and it got pretty popular pretty fast. if anyone has the link or can upload the files again that would be cool.
kid had dark hair and was showing his abs and almost his dick

Views: 236 · Added: 272 days ago

Being an older man born when circumcision was routine I am delighted to see so many younger men now intact. I love the look of an uncut cock. I wonder how preferences run among gay and bisexual men for cut vs uncut?

state of affairs
Views: 479 · Added: 273 days ago

whats the best state in the usa, to meet people for a lovely chat and share a cup of coffee

rAnDoM tHoUgHtS
Views: 92 · Added: 273 days ago

am i the lonlyist personson alive ? y can i not connect with love ?.. i try hard every day to contibute 2 life but no one notices the depth.. ive learnd 2 surround my heart with caution az there r many that r eager 2 consume me 4 themselves... so with so much disire 4 me ..y? does no1 stay and invest in the beauty of true luv? sux 2bme

Judge rules for Ohio men's same-sex marriage
Views: 67 · Added: 273 days ago

It is still too early to tell if this case, or others like it, will result in same-sex marriages being recognized in all states in the U.S., even those where same-sex couples cannot get married, but it is encouraging.....

rAnDoM tHoUgHtS
Views: 102 · Added: 273 days ago

omword... perhaps gettn reflective on a porn site a'int the most best venue 4 finding clairity srry y'all i'll sign out now kissess

anyone know this vid?
Views: 76 · Added: 273 days ago

it was popular a few weeks ago, it was two boys wanking on cam in there room and they blow each other for like 10 seconds?
one had long hair and the other had short hair

rAnDoM tHoUgHtS
Views: 63 · Added: 274 days ago

does love and desire excist 2gether? luvmeluvu

im new here
Views: 228 · Added: 274 days ago

i need friends

being naked in the sun...NATURISM....
Views: 310 · Added: 274 days ago

What do you think about living naked.....

musicians who died too early
Views: 83 · Added: 275 days ago

8 minutes of stairway to heaven....and see many music stars who is well done piece from u-tube...

Where the Answer Lies
Views: 86 · Added: 275 days ago

Hollow eyes, the spirit inside decayed over time
like old bark. His smile, the corners of his lips
now weighed down by loneliness. His shine,
his inner essence,
as pale as a sheet of whiteness, as
cold as a sleet of snow. His memories, an ironic treasure,
torturing him constantly. His imagination,
a devil’s playground.
His inner sanctuary shaped, molded, and molested by his outer environment.
His hope, it lies buried with sunflowers across it’s chest.
His dreams, now transparent in nature and in reality.
His mind, now impressed upon and made up.
His sorrow, it runs alongside the deepest of pits.
His determination, it blows the wind.
His pain, it will be over soon….


One distraction keeps him from ending that pain.
One distraction causes him more pain in a different sense, but
With that pain comes experiences. His resolve, now shaken
By this distraction as it plagues his mind,
Constantly hammering it with new thoughts about the sacrifices
And dangers and obsession that come with this distraction.
Yet it is also these same thoughts that provide his pleasure.
His body crumbles in the wake of this distraction, a
Whole new kind of release than that found at the end of a
razor and his arm. His soul, it has been taken over by
This distraction and melts in its presence, withering under its power.
He cannot end his pain; it will never leave him.
But he can transform it, mold it into the only kind of
Pain unique to this distraction, for this distraction is love,
And it only comes from one place:
My Friends, please, never turn your back to someone that sounds as if they may have the ability to be pushed over the edge. No matter what anyone wants to believe, suicide is very real and relevant to today's world and many people suffer from enough depression to think that this is the answer. No matter what, suicide is NOT the answer. Sometimes situations can be prevented by just really talking about the issue, and especially on this site there are many willing ears that will be there to listen, and I'm one of them. Been there, dealt with that, and it's my turn to help those that need/want it. Life can be painful at times but learning and growing from those experiences are what help make life beautiful. I wish everyone happiness and please, enjoy life, you only get one. ~Kriter~

Views: 66 · Added: 275 days ago

it feels so dame good

Best Teen Hot Teen Boy Videos..
Views: 957 · Added: 275 days ago

What is the best teen boy videos on this site..... send links in comment..

Davy and Stu on GBT:

Travis portrayed Davy in "Davy and Stu" that can be seen here among other places online. A few months ago I learned that Travis passed away, 24 April 2012 at the age of 21. If you would like to remember him, here is the link to his permanent memory book online:

Fare well Davy. Rise In Glory Travis. Many will miss you in this life.

Love on GBT
Views: 98 · Added: 276 days ago

Hi everyone , just thought i'd upload a blog seeing that it's my 200th GBT day anniversary today and I haven't done one before so not even sure if it will get any answers or not but here it is.

Has anyone ever found love on gayboystube?

Alright that's it , thanks everyone , these 200 days have been great so far may more come in the future ;). Mitch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

on or off
Views: 307 · Added: 276 days ago

when making love, a put off for me is the sock thing, prfer them off, I feel its offputting if you wear socks, what do you guys think

big cocks
Views: 222 · Added: 276 days ago

just got fucked by my first huge cock felt so incredibly good WOW

background and music
Views: 287 · Added: 277 days ago

Dear Friends,

I can not find the buttons/place to add some music and a background to my site here at GBT. Can anyone help me out on that?

Views: 87 · Added: 277 days ago

just saying hi from the UK
hope all is good

feel cold
Views: 60 · Added: 277 days ago

good days...all i feel...any gay help me

Views: 126 · Added: 277 days ago

I just don't understand why many gay guys turn me off for no reason at all. Why? All I've tried was to get them know, that's all. What did I do? Why can't they let me get them know. I might like them, who know? Think first before turning me off.

Views: 131 · Added: 277 days ago

who is into fantasy dragons and little old pussycats...

For those of us who are Tom Daley fans...
Views: 64 · Added: 277 days ago

For those of us who are Tom Daley fans....


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